Citroen Ami review – the weirdest EV in the world!

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This is the Citroen Ami!

It’s an ultra-compact electric car that you can drive in France from the age of 14! The question is, coming in at a cost of just 6,000 euros, does the Ami have what it takes to worry some of the more established, popular EVs on the market already?

Well given the looks & size of the Ami, it’s no surprise that performance isn’t exactly its strong point. It’s powered by an 8hp electric motor which drives the front wheels only. It can hit a top speed of just over 25mph, and its range is only around 45 miles.

But let’s face it, if you’re just looking for a little electric runaround, surely this is the best value EV you can buy, right?! Well, there’s only one way to find out… Join Mat for our latest in-depth review!

00:00 Intro
00:57 Exterior Design
02:32 Performance & Launch
04:22 Brakes
05:17 Chassis
05:48 Driving
07:24 Interior
09:38 Five Annoying Things
10:41 Five Good Things
12:25 Town Driving
15:16 Verdict

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Name a better way to spend €6,000. We'll wait…

Trả lời

alex derpy racc

Dangerous vehicle it goes too slow to be safe on car roads people automatically expect cars to go the speed limit not 30kmh under the speed limit🤣

Trả lời

Joseph D

Looks like a glorified mobility scooter to me…

Trả lời

Hana K M

Why do I want this!!!

Trả lời

Bipin Gaikwad

I think for country Like china and india this is future..And these cars should replace motorcycles i hope….As fuel prices are rising and governments trying to limit emissions.

Trả lời

billy bill

Pathetic review. Trying to be funny yet failing miserably

Trả lời

Huko Mukho Explains

If it's launched here in India, it would sell like hotcakes. Great little pod for city driving.

Trả lời

Andrei Cristian Florea

I'd rather walk. It's faster than this thing, and better.

Trả lời

Propan Butan

coming soon to your 15minute cities

Trả lời

RM 713

I love it.

Trả lời

Arun Rao

Ya know, if this car was built in the 1950's it would be the fastest

Trả lời

The haunted Coachman

Review a Gee whiz

Trả lời

Pedro Roque

This is a drivable gadget, not a car. Love the functionality. Remids me of the reason we created cars in the first place.

Trả lời

Thierry Marotine

what is the British equivalent ? ….

Trả lời

Gamage L

Need little bit improvements other than that good ev for city drive.

Trả lời

Bacon Wizard

This would be borderline useless in any larger town that has 40mph roads, not to mention the one week there’s a heatwave in the UK would make this car unusable.

Trả lời

Tanmay. W

I loved this car

Trả lời

Mousumi Mishra

If this could be a bit faster this could be a great option they can increase the price to like 8-10k? Will be sweet spot 6k is too cheap and features are not many

Trả lời

Aaron Lewis

Look at China's electric cars. This is just rubbish

Trả lời

Iván Barcia

Citroen has a gift for making the ugliest cars.

Trả lời

Pterippi Gaming

I honestly think this Ami is a really nice progress and engineering breakthrough for people who understand the limitations of this class of cars. I mean really, how can you criticize performance of a car that is forbidden by law to drive faster than 45 km/h. Take off the limiter and test its real capabilities if you want to do a fair review of engineering properties. BTW taking off or changing speed limits on this class of moped-cars is quite common operation in Finland for people who get their full driving license but still want to keep the old vehicle for urban driving.

Trả lời


Slightly stupid review especially the end recommnedation. This type of vehicle is the future of urban personal transport. I have put a reserve in to buy one already in the UK as an extra vehicle to use in the local area and keep the C3 petrol for longer journeys.

Trả lời

Onkar Indurkar

WOW Now thats called Perfection on wheels.

Trả lời

Asun Tjandra

That is funny

Trả lời

Maz Été

€5500 for some cheep pieces of plastic and metal. One should be imbecile to drive this thing in the city traffic knowing the fact, that it has not any safety systems. 
Forget about this dangerous thing, and use the €5500 buying rather sophisticated cars such as: Alfa Brera or Alfa GT,…

Trả lời


The jaguar was the car we all dreamed of driving and the citroen is the car greta thunberg dreams we should all be driving.

Trả lời


Noodle car from wd2

Trả lời

Craig Davies

Actually I love it.

Trả lời


To be fair It is a little bit good i like it tiny car 🚗

Trả lời


I can't help but like it, it makes no apologies for what it is and a lot of the cost savings to keep the cost down are really practical ideas, like the identical front and back panels and only needing to make one version of the door to put on either side.

Trả lời

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