100% Blind NARUTO Review (Part 6): Tenchi Bridge Mission & Akatsuki Supression Mission

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I’ve wanted to review naruto for years and with it being a 100% blind review, it made me all the more excited!

I’ve covered One Piece, Dragon Ball and Attack on Titan over the last 2 years and today I’m embarking on my second largest journey to date! The 700 chapter long Naruto following the adventures of Sasuke, Sakura and the titular Naruto as they learn to harness their chakra and perfect their ninja skills!

Today we’re covering the Tenchi Bridge Recon Mission and the Akatsuki Supression Mission portion of the story!


-Breaking the Habit (Cover by Jordan Radvansky)
-Spiderman TAS Theme (Remix by Razonix)
-Stalemate (Cover by Gabriel Motta)
-Hidden Will to Fight (Unreleased Version)
-Hurricane Suite (Shippuden ost)
-Hurricane Suite (Unreleased version)
-Yogensha (Shippuden)
-Burial (Shippuden)
-Swaying Necklace (Naruto)
-Heavy Violence (Naruto)
-Anger (Cover by AniAtama)
-In The End (Instrumental Cover by Basu)
-Shippuden Main Theme
-Blue Bird (Cover by Amelia Khor)

-Editor-San: Most of the tracks are from the game “Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution”, but I just got the songs without any names, so good luck on your research! It’s a good soundtrack!






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Totally Not Mark

Get 20% OFF + Free International Shipping + 2 FREE Gifts @MANSCAPED with promo code NOTMARK20 at MANSCAPED.com! #sponsored

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Abiyyu FH

20:47 those Toys is really cool

Trả lời

Wuthell Wethbrook

Boiz, we have entered peak Shippuden

Trả lời

Sean Green

The naruto apperance seems to be a mirror of sasuke turning up with kakashi to fight gara during the exam faceoff, thought that was a nice touch.

Trả lời

Mr Shikago

I enjoy the way this video keeps reminded me that, no, Naruto was not "just good before Shippuden".
I always enjoyed Sakura's Fight against Sasori, and the whole developpement arc of Shikamaru that made me love the character.

Yes, I am like many disappointed in the Post-Pain part, but many things that happen until that is straight up good naruto Material.

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Damn the upcoming sasuke portion is soooo good but SPIDEY TIME is coming so not bad at all

Trả lời

Cowpoke Morgan

Yamato is not a descendant of Hashirama.

Trả lời

farris aiman

It's always Danzo

Trả lời

Fernando man

Mark just watch the anime clips to lean how to say the names Bc you sound funny lol

Trả lời

That Nomad Shad

This just has me in the feels. Despite all it's faults and flaw, these reviews are a great reminder of why I loved Naruto.

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Parshwa kon??

mark : Mangekieyou sahrengeien

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Max Smock

I'm sad I'll have to wait until 2022 to see more of your review, but I'm glad you've enjoyed most of what you've read so far. The inclusion of the anime episode in the review was a very good choice.

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Does this guy just make up arc names. Havent these always officially been the Sai and Sasuke arc the Immortal Devastators arc.

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Gorge Lableu

Shikamaru's depression arc is one of my favorites. I've liked him as a character since the events of the Chuunin Exam. But this arc cemented him as my favorite overtaking Sasuke.

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Oh man, he's gonna LOVE the pain arc.

Trả lời

Ghannes Sintampalam

Episode 82 always make my eyes tear up, so much emotion especially when shikamaru cry. Even u just telling the story with some picture from that moment make me tear up.

Trả lời

Daryl-Rhys Taylor

Not really ninjas are they

Trả lời


The Akatsuki suppression arc is one of the best in Shippuden.

Trả lời

Diek Lachst

you gotta see more of why 3rd hokage is goated but tsunade is amazing too

Trả lời

Ayush Prakash

My man December came at the wrong time! The upcoming 2-3 arcs are the best that Naruto has to offer!

Trả lời

Ellis Lilly

Yamato decedent from the first hokage. That’s a good joke.

Trả lời


gotta love shikamaru shippuden

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