Worst lingerie try-on haul ever!! 😕 | YOINS review

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YOINS sent me these lingerie pieces to review, safe to say I did not like them lol. I’ll put the links in the description bar for you just so you can see the items for yourself.

Link to yoins website:

White Hand Crochet Bralette:

White See-through Lace Bodysuit:

Black Self-tie Open Back Lace Bralette:

White Lace Hollow Out Bralette:

Black Lace Bralette:

Red Lace Bralette Set:

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Raven Navera

Hey guys, so This is a review on where NOT to shop for lingerie lol. The sizes are size 10, 12 (UK size) or one size. The white body suit is actually size 12…and it didn't fit (p.s I'm a size 10 UK)…lol so you be the judge! 🙂 Love you guys! Don't forget to subscribe and can we get this video to at least 500 likes? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Erika Elizabeth Lopez

Subscribing for your refreshing honesty and your lovely sense of humor! Thanks lovely!

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Nina C

Thank you! You saved me a lot of money!

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Bralettes aren’t s supposed to do anything for your boobs

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ElizabethHunny xox

I'm glad I seen this review! I came across an advert on my Instagram & thought WOW, great deals for cute lingerie.. I'm a UK 12, so I've got no hope with these fitting me 🙁

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Mackenzie Somogyi

How much money do u have to waste on clothes that u don't like.

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Mackenzie Somogyi

Maybe u need a bigger size

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Ian Y.

what you have boob hair?

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Dee Luther


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Dee Luther

U Looking GORGEOUS❤💘😍😍

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Somebody Else

Saying that only a Chinese girl would fit that is pretty rude. There are tall Chinese girls and ones with big boobs as well as short, small-framed girls with tiny boobs of all ethnicities

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CerysAnne TriesMakeup

Where did you get that top?! It's gorgeous!!
(new subscriber by the way, you are so honest!) <3

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monica parker

Thank you for the review! You did great!

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monica parker

She said, "brown goodness!" kmsl

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please review aliexpress

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Queen Amour

new subscribah!!

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Lina Henriquez

New Subbie, You are so helful with these bideos. Thank you so much!

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Emanuelle Levinson

can you write me here the name of the good places you said on the video? Miss what?

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Hailey Smith

Oh my gosh, I'm so glad I found this video! Thank you so so so much! I was about to order from yoins! But I ALWAYS make sure to do my research and find some reviews or YT videos

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Aurora Autumn

"Dash away" I have only heard that term spoken by Jamaicans. haha

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