Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L Review

Here’s my opinion of the Everyday Backpack by Peak Design.

I’m reviewing the 20 liter charcoal bag.
I’ve been using the Book Boa Shift for the last 3 years before this.

Props to my amazing wife for being the thumbnail model.

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Vhari Brown

Wow 5 month you waited for it wtf

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Andrew Reid

Great concise video that has helped me decide to get one of these bags. Quick question though, how tall are you?
I’m unsure weather to get the 20l or 30l bag as I am 5’8” and don’t want something that will dwarf me if I get the larger of the two

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Piyush Borole

All the reviews that are present on web are based on the 3-4 weeks usage from the date of purchase. Can you please let us know how this backpack is holding on after a year of use?

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Stijn Swinnen

Your video perfectly answered my concerns and the questions I have considering to buy this bag. Guess what: I'm convinced. Thanks for the clear review!

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Paul lebbon

Hi, quick question. How did the bag hold up, do you still use it, did anything break? (OK three questions!) Many thanks in advance.

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Frank M

Noticed a red pixel at the left side in the middle. These shots you probably did with your Canon.

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Lorenzo Framba

great video!

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You forgot to talk about the weight of the bag.  BAG IS ALMOST DOUBLE THE WEIGHT OF A NORMAL BAG!  Other 30L camera bags weigh 1.8-2.4 lbs, but this 30L weighs 4.2 lbs.  Peak Design is clearly LYING in the spec sheet when they say bag is 3.4 lbs: I weighed it myself.

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Thanks Jason for this great Review! It was helpful for me!

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Luc Desaulniers

Great review. Currently on the fence between this bad and the North Face Access. Your review helped. Subscribed!

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Jaden White

You got a sub from me buddy! Great video!!!

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Jason Levine

Does the bag hold its shape without the dividers?

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green tokyo

Great review! Thanks!

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Dante Corbett

My concerns are the lack of space at the top of the bag to put stuff. Almost like I'd need an organizer pouch to fit at the top to turn this into a full customizable choice. As if you put stuff without the pouch things could fall out when you open up the sides to get stuff etc. If you are reading this peak please create one. With a zipper inside and 2 thin expandable sleeves to keep small items from moving around. Think of the top of a hatchback bag from lowpro as reference.

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Hi Maslin, is there a hook at the bottom of the backpack to attach a bicycle light ?

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How tall are you? Can it hold text book? Your review is amazing btw

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Richard Nowak

does it handle textbooks and binders well?

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vishwas jain

Great review !!! does it fit the 15 inch MacBook Pro touch bar with ease ? or is it a very snug fit ? and can u feel the MacBook through the bag when the bag is on your back ? or does it have enough padding on either sides of the MacBook compartment to keep it safe during travel. thank you

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Eldar Gezalov

Hey nice video! You said you don't use tablet, so I guess you can use the space for tablet to keep the regular notebook which you can't put into the main compartment because of the dividers. Or did I misunderstood your issue?

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Kam Shokar

What's your old bag?

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One Tech Traveller

great review on the 20L charcoal and enjoyed the video production. I found the waist straps are currently my drawbacks in being difficult to work otherwise it's a glowing backpack that's worthwhile. Be great for yourself or anyone interested in the 30L ash version you can find it here:

Enjoyed your video and hope this compliments your review of the 20L charcoal. Thumbs up!

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Amazing review! Thank you for being so helpful.

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Finally someone gives detailed & honest info about the laptop compartment!
Great review. Thanks.

That being said… … …
Three WEEKS?! Where is mine already?? 😉

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Really quality review I gotta be honest! Your channel and videos totally deserve more views

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Very nice and conclusive video! Keep it up!

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nice video, thank you

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Common Cents

You is speaker goodly. Muy thumbs to upward

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Bernardino Perez

To open the Maglatch, you should pull it out, and then down, not down and then out. Try it, it is easier this way.

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Jason Montgomery

There's also another hidden pocket in the main compartment that is made to fit wallets and other smaller objects. Its hidden so well in plain sight I forgot all about it in the review!

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