Myth Of Empires Review – Is It Worth Playing?

I’ve been playing Myth Of Empires for a few days now so I wanted to take the time to put together a few thoughts into a review video to ask the question is Myth Of Empires worth playing? Still got quite a bit of work and levelling to get done so will probably be having more Myth Of Empires videos going forwards 🙂

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Looks like a Chinese "New World".
In every single way.

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love at 2:42 evo just beats the sht out of that lady. Had me laughing so hard how he just casually mentioned torture. XD

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Toad You

How does this compare to valheim?

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Hey Evo do you have a guild i can join if i buy the game? It would help to have a guild

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Can you make servers? I'd love to play this with my guildies on our own server.

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HueyV TV

In short, this game is conan exiles and mount and blade put together.

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Do you know if u can put the zefs to work? Or are they only for fighting?

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Rex Smashington

This game is exactly what I was hoping for with New World. Until the changed New World to a traditional theme park MMO at the end of 2019. What a waste. Sandbox is where it's at. No need to hold hands. Let people find their own fun. But I guess hamsters do need a wheel to run on. So theme parks will always be more popular.

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tung nguyen

Just wait until people throw a flaming walking horse mod that burn everything in their patch

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thank you for this honnest review

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Really need to see the fortress/army building content before deciding whether to jump in, as that's the major draw of the game for me. Also, how easy is it to rebuild after a defeat in a large scale engagement, or will there be the issue of some groups just snowballing out of control.

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Rogue Jedi

The enemies are a bit too damage-spongey for my taste. 4 crossbow bolts and the guy still keeps coming? Who is he, Boromir? Even he stopped at around 3 I think.

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Pleasure to run with you and the guys, Evo!

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Completely agree with this video. i've had my fair share of E.A titles (Haven't we all?!) and the state in which this has released compared to recent AAA title titles is a breath of fresh air. Yes there's issues, but their discord is constantly updating fixes to problems and awareness of problems. The game is deeper when it comes to crafting, but still innovates (Pressing T on building placeable instead of a massive build menu is nice) And yes you will be farming a bit, but once you level and spec you'll soon have a good flow. Really enjoying this so far even and i'm playing solo (hope to have a friend or two join soon) Hope this develops in the right direction

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Ugly Pingu

just to clarify. its fairly hard to get a good quality running game, the servers often have high ping, and the combination of textures are hard to fix. In other words, the game is hard to run on good quality.

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The game itself is interesting, but the combat is among the worst I have ever seen in a video game. Granted, combat in games like Rust is also on the shittier side, but with firearms that becomes a BIT less of an issue. In a directional melee duel the wonky-ness just ruins it completely. Attacks have zero force behind them on impact, it feels like you are beating a pudding. The AI keeps pulling a sneaky on ya, hitting you with 180° strikes you cannot even see coming because of the unclear animations. I know it is EA and the rest of the game is fairly decent already, but I have no read much about the developers' commitment to improve the combat side of the game, nor have I even heard much of them acknowledging it is in terrible state currently, so I am really unsure about the whole thing.

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Kevin Bönisch

Did you change the speed of the first clip to 50%? It looks sooooo slow, holy cow. Is that what the combat looks like all the time?

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Games that dont focus on the skill of the player are a waste of time.

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Manuel Adams

2 much grind = no fun…

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Would buy the game if it had bigger servers, just wonder if it is possible to get it up to the scale that the game really needs.

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before watching the video i feel like i can ut in my piece. the game is good and has the potential to become THE survival sandbox game but it feels rushed. text not fitting in text boxes, some items not even being in english at all and the combet is really bad. its mount and blade combat but slow it down to 25% speed. not only that this is not a good singleplayer game as some things are locked behind the guild, something you will have a hard time progressing through alone, other than that the world is insanly big that could be seen as a con and pro depending on the person. BUT there are ridable elephants and rhinos sooooooo.

game can easy be a 9/10 but atm the combat is ruining the game so il give it a 4/10. still a good amount of fun hours with friends

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