MacBook Pro 14 & 16 Full Review – 1 Month Later!

The MacBook Pro 14 & 16 are arguably the World’s Best Laptops… but do they live up to the hype, and which should you buy? ▶ Check out the Hyundai Ioniq 5:

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00:00 My Biggest Review
01:01 Why you SHOULDN’T Buy one
02:15 Best Laptops in the World?
04:29 How Much!?
05:34 MBP 14 vs 16
07:04 AD – Hyundai Ioniq 5
08:50 Performance (Pro vs Max)
11:15 Let’s talk screens.
12:39 Notchy Notch.
13:20 Conclusion

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The Tech Chap

Hey Chaps! Would you get the 14 or the 16?? (or neither!)

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I've had the 16" with 10 core CPU/16 core GPU 16GB ram & 1TB for about 3 weeks now & I've been loving almost everything about it, except the weight is killing me!!! I thought I could get used to it, but the more I've used it, the more it's bothered me. I'm planning to exchange it after the holiday rush. I'm hoping there will be more 14" in stock then, so I can exchange it.

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Kenny Albert

You have to give it to Apple for really making their dedicate users look like complete clowns… My days

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Adam Li

Mind telling me what game you were playing at 1:36?

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I just bought a 14” pro with M1 max chip and 64gb of memory hope it was worth it

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Norman Eshuchi

here is a controversial take. I run a Gigabyte Aero as my main machine for programming, with my portable solution being a Dell E7240. The Gigabyte stays docked and I almost never need the extra ports it has on offer. Same for the Dell (save for the USB port for my old mouse). So really, apple giving me the HDMI port back now when my monitors utilize usb type c and thunderbolt is 4 years too late. I have moved on. I do not need it. I need to game though, and that is where it falls flat. the Gigabyte games like a boss, even with all the driver issues

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M Wunder

Thank you great fun watching your review. Only if you didn't comment on 14 MAX because you haven't tested it. For example, we don't know yet for sure there is some slowing down on the 14" MAX to optimize battery.

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B. Pavlov

I mean not be a downer but on battery I also get the full laptop performance on my work laptop (Thinkpad) by just switching to a more "giving" governor.

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Clean Unboxing

How can you game Forza Horizon on the Mac?

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Hal Wye

Oh dear. Can't help but like that man, but the selling has become just too too much. Even the furry animals and cars now. Oh so pretty, but oh so far from real or honest. Sad that a seemingly nice chap should feel it necessary to sell out like this. Guess money corrupts everything. I don't mean to be nasty, just much prefer the more down market, real you.

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Peter CS

i better buy apple stocks lol

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Tobi Galliard

One of the best reviews so far for the new MacBook Pros! Comprehensive and easy to digest. Subscribed!

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Ananth S

bruh, flip you camera at 5:50

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Justin Juneau

Thumbs down for diverting the video and promoting the Ioniq

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Talk ID

I prefer touchbar

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Alvinspy100 On 1G

Contact the name up there to get any kind of Apple products at a very CHEAP price.
He's the best online

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cool i am like no 2500 – i take the car ;D

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Andy Cuyler

I bought the 16 m1max sold my 2019 16 inch all in all not a bad upgrade if you compare I paid £2799 for the 2019 but new one has 32gb ram which would have been £3199 total on 2019. With the new one the screen adds a lot of prestige not to mention the cooler and quieter operation !

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Vivek Ks

can anyone please tell me where to find the wallpaper from the thumbnail? please

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Really good video mate! Just wanted to put something out here: Its not always about needing something. Yes, sure, the MacBook Air is probably the one to go for if we are just considering actual needs and therefore its fine for the majority of users. But as I said before, its not always about that. Why do so many Youtubers keep on telling the audience that they shouldn't buy those new Macbook Pros because they are either overpowered for there needs or are way to expensive in comparison with cheaper versions, for example the MacBook Air. But what if I wanna enjoy the new amazing 120hz display? What if I wanna listen to music on arguably on of the best speakers ever put in a laptop? What if I simply need a bigger built in screen and do not wanna carry around another external monitor? And what if I simply like the fact that all of the useful ports are now back and I do not need to live the "dongle-life" any longer? Of course it is great that you guys are putting out recommendations for the average users and they are great for orientation and soever but please do not try to talk someone out the idea and excitement of having these new beautiful MacBook Pros since its not always about the actual needs of someone. If one likes to have all of the new features and isn't a hardcore video editor he should still feel "comfortable" to buy these new devices. You do not need to be a professional to be "allowed" to buy these new Macs. If you like them, buy them!

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Lou Manning

Grabbed the base 14 and it's been incredible for my needs in terms of battery life and performance so far.

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Mayur Bhosale

very expensive…not for me

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does this macbook have the scaling issues for external displays like the m1 has?

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Studio 72

Hi Tom. Thanks for all your work. It would be great to hear/see your thoughts on the best external, high-refresh, 4K monitors to pair with these new MacBooks? Ideally one's that are for creative workflows (photo/video editing – I'm not a gamer) and at an affordable cost (sub £500?). I'm thinking to get the 14" MBP and use a good external display for home (I'm coming from a 27" iMac that died), but there are so many monitors on the market, and most of those rated 'best budget displays' are only 60Hz – but seeing your point on getting a 144Hz display has me pondering. (I did see your very informative video on different types of monitor, thanks).

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Do this 👆👆👆👆if you’re new here…

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14" … portability, along with performance, is key.

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