Dhamaka Film Review | Rj Stutee's Take on Kartik Aaryan's Latest | The Quint

Stutee Ghosh’s take on Ram Madhvani’s latest thriller starring Kartik Aaryan, Mrunal Thakur and Amruta Subhash.

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Good review mam

Trả lời

aadarsh choudhary

I think you should make one movie, and show what you can do.

Trả lời

arif ansari

Your reviews r best…most of the utuber give paid reviews…

Trả lời


Its a pardafash of main stream media. Its a master piece indeed

Trả lời

Sia D

I loved the movie. ❤️

Trả lời

staryy Night

You should watch the original for sure..then you'll understand whtt the film is like…bollywood destroyed another masterpiece…nd the cast of this movie is no match to the original 🔥

Trả lời

Thavar chandra Damor

Ye bakwaas krr rhi hai…..bahut hi bakwaas movie hai

Trả lời

prachi patil

Why are you telling whole story ? 😂😅

Trả lời

Karan Kumar

I love this movie 🤩🍿 mtlb kya acting kya story fuck… I'm now the big fan of kartik Aarya ❤️ what a dhamaka acting ❤️✨

Trả lời

Durden Slays

how to watch you interview with qatil haseenaon ke naam?

Trả lời

Vedansh Joshi

Kartik is a great resource

Trả lời

Zara Afrin

Excellent movie 💥 kartik is just fabulous ❤️🔥

Trả lời

Sayan SenGupta

The loud noisy trailer was enough to keep me away.
Thanks for the review though Stutee.

Trả lời

Ribu Ghatan

Another Mediocre Bollywood movie

Trả lời

Purba Mallick

Who is come after watched the film

Trả lời

Saurabh Sharma

PAID REVIEW. Shit movie

Trả lời

Anchit Bose

I don't know why but this woman some how feels very irritating.

Trả lời


Horrible Remake Of The Terror Live And This Lady Is Shit her reviews are shit She Don't Likes Good Films Like Hamari Adhuri Kahani , Why Cheat India , Shershaah Etc.. She is Totally Mad 🤦

Trả lời

Cricket Classics

Movie was great.. I liked it a lot.. Emotional..

Trả lời


Stututuu… ❤️ Ur reviews

Trả lời

Live Life


Trả lời

yash jain

Your reviews are always reciprocal to what Indian janta feels of a movie!! 😅😅

Trả lời

sam tapadar

bht wahiyaat movie hai.

Trả lời

Deepak Kumar

It wasn't masterpiece but enough to show Kartik can act in roles other than his comfort zone

Trả lời


I didnt like the movie, only avrg for me

Trả lời


Going to watch it now. Thanks Stutee!

Trả lời

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