Cowboy Bebop (Netflix 2021) – Angry Review

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex talk about the Colossal Space Trash that is the Netflix Adaptation of the Legendary Anime, Cowboy Bebop and why it doesn’t work!

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Tác giả

Bình luận


there is no good live action adaptations of animes….Kenshin is maybe acceptable, but it's arguable, in my opinion

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Sano BR

The best critique I read so far was: "If Cowboy Bebop was produced by Nickelodeon" X-)

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Was a fan of its run on adult swim back in the day, bought the series and watched knockin on heavens door as soon as I could. Lowered my expectations sure but I enjoyed it… well… except for vicious

Trả lời

A Nap

I thought spike and jet were cast well and did a great job. But visious and julia my lord why and that last scene with ed was horrible.

Trả lời

Vincent Nyrva

I couldn't watch more than the first 20 minutes. 20 too much minutes of my life wasted.

Trả lời

Bobby Hawk

Can't wait for them to watch One piece anime after one piece live action

Trả lời

Nikolai Shatski

I actually like it, it stands on its own.
Somehow missed the anime, I am judging it on its own. I’ll watch the anime because I liked this. People always going to hate a remake for something, I am sure it’s worse then the original but doesn’t deserve the hate

Trả lời

Paulo Capelo

Yep was already avoiding this like the plague all I neede was that trailer…

Trả lời

Lou Garoo

I actually already wanted to stop watching the show when Spike was uber-posing after his first "cool" one-liner during the opening scene (which was blatantly the opening scene of the movie, but in a different setting with slightly adjusted dialogue).
Then I thought "OK, live-action adaptations of animes are difficult to pull off good – so, at least give 'em a chance".
But then there was just wrong/ill-fitting/jarring dialogues from the start and the super-stilted bar fight already definitely was enough – I turned that shit off and will not return!

Over the past 20 years I have revisited the anime series along the movie time and again. And I certainly will keep doing that!!!

This live-action adaptation looks great settingwise, but that's it – and that simply don't cut it.

Trả lời

Matt PK

The soundtrack has been one my phone forever too!

Trả lời

Yeng Thao

Ngl Arcane did their women empowerment right without shoving it down the viewer's throat.

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Just watch anime, OJ!

Trả lời

Sky Mallick

Seeing This Review I am Worrying About One Piece Live Action 😂😂😂😂😂

Trả lời


Would love an update on OJ once he watches the anime. You guys could easily make another video comparing both.

Trả lời


Couldn't get past Herald trying to find white castle the whole time

Trả lời


How can Netflix published the Best game adaptation series Arcane and the worst adaptation anime at the same time period, I don't care about anyone have to say about it , this is worse then Dragon ball evolution and the last air bender, at least those two try

Trả lời


A fucking 2? Seriously? You guys have no intellectual integrity whatsoever.

Trả lời

Mickyd Rake

i like the actor who plays ein hes so good. very faithful from the anime

Trả lời

Chakra Zoo

The show is great! I really enjoyed it. Buncha haters….

Trả lời

Ty The Pheonix

Am I the only one who really enjoyed this show as far as live action anime goes i really think they set the bar high. I disagree with this Epic Fail but I respect It. Im in episode 8 now. No its not as good as the classic they never are but i was able to bring people into the show who never seen the og anime who now want to watch it. I like the corkiness of this and I believe people should still watch this and have there own take on this. I think its getting way more flak then need be. But hey lol

Trả lời


This is a running theme lately with almost everything… For Years Now…
Surely these imbeciles are running out of money by now…

Trả lời

James Bennett

I tried watching the show. The politics, gender, and race were forefront and the story was second it seems. Had to turn it off!!

Trả lời

Doudou Ba

I would rather prefer the show runner do his own thing, than trying to mimic the original show with cheap cosplay.

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14:36 here he goes again about the outfit, you can't have a main character in a live action show, be it an original show or an adaptation, you can't have an actual woman walk like a street walker through the entire episode.

also, i haven't seen the live action series, but give it a rest with the fucking outfit from Faye, that's not even the worst thing from this show man

Trả lời

Jervis Horton

No matter how bad you feel about NETFLIX: THE COWBOY BEBOP SPIRIT IS ON SCREEN

Trả lời


Good on OJ for liking/hating on his own accord instead of being pressured what AJ does. Even Alex like okay if your taste not mine

Trả lời

David Crehan

Is it as bad as the WoW movie?

Trả lời

Radiant Order

I haven't seen the original but I actually like it lol 🤣

Trả lời

Ian White

Why the fuck has other Joe never seen anything? I love the guy, but he’s literally clueless about the original material in every one of these reviews I’ve seen. Honestly, if your job is to watch movies and play video games, the least you can do is watch the relevant shit in question, like c’mon

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