4k Samsung wall-mounted installation and review

Here is a quick review and installation of a 4K wall-mounted. Putting your TV on the wall gives you a room in a larger look without cabinets or shelves in the way. This is a great way to make your space look a little more modern. this is only my third warm out so I’m still new at this but TV wall mounts are pretty simple to install.

Sanus 51″-80″ Premium Series Tilting Flat Panel Mount

Samsung soundbar HW-J550

Samsung 65″ 4K Tv

Camera Gear Used:

iPhone 6 Plus 128gb Black

Sony RX100M II Digital Camera with Accessory

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MƯỜI NĂM ( OST RỪNG THẾ MẠNG) | Đen ft. Ngọc Linh | OFFICIAL MV | KHỞI CHIẾU 31.12.2021
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Naamah Averitte

This is actually a good video

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That's actually not a good video why don't you show the part how you mounted to the back of your TV because I have a similar TV with four holes and there's no threads on the inside of them just a hex bolt and I bought a universal now and none of the screw is will actually even reach in there so how did you do it

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JB Entertainment

I can't get the hooks on my mount there is no joke in the top to out my hook?

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Where’d you get the bracket?

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lady kenja

– Since most of the work was done prior to starting the video, what was the intent of your video since a lot of the installation was off camera, no info re: size of screws. Did the maker of the wall mount system give you permission to make this video. Truly hope you learned something from making this one & will improve before the next one.

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Marissa Feliciano

I noticed you have a recessed outlet. Is the plug for this tv straight or angled? We are trying to plan ahead and need to know if a recessed outlet or flush-mounted wall outlet will work best. Thanks.

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what size are the screws for the brackets that go in the back of the TV? I have a 65 inch curve.

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Mariama Jammeh

Bracket for 4K Samsung 64 inches curved TV

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Shaniece Ebener

Thanks for sharing! I have a Samsung 65inch 3D smart tv and I want to mount it on the wall in my apartment but I'm terrified of the walls in my apartment, don't trust them lol I don't want my expensive tv to fall.

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hahah it says samsung in the title but its from sanus

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christine bonfiglio

what size screws did you use to connect the mount to the TV?

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Did you install the power outlet yourself?

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Max Number


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who model is the TV

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